Moving from sublime to atom

August 8, 2015

This is my first post, so im all ears to suggestions.

I have been using Sublime since i have memory, but i wanted to try Atom beacuse his community seems so promising and the best thing its open source. So here i will write a little roadmap of some steps i’ve made.

Ui Theme

I’ve tried the default ones, but then i remembered a tweet i read from Addy Osmani with a beautiful theme. So i installed it. Seti UI

Color scheme

I couldnt get rid off my current color scheme from sublime, to my luck Twilight was available in the packages.


What can a user do without his keymaps? I think nothing, so i change them to my needs {% gist 3be761175b7bfc359dcb %}


First i have to installed my always needed Emmet, then another feature that sublime has as default, when you select a word, it highlits another ocurrences of the same world, in atom this is done by a plugin called Highlight Selected. Another nice feature from sublime its the possible to highlight the current indent block with another color, again this its done by a package (thanks community for being so awesome) Indent Guide Improved.

Then the always needed linter for when you are working long hours and forget semicolons everywhere. First you need the linter base for everyone. Linter.

And here the list of specific linters.

Visual tweaks

Seti has a thing that bothers me a lot, the bottom panels has a border that is too gross, so i have to add this to my styles.less file. I’ve also added the colors for the indent guide improved package

{% gist f6db868052aedc74dfae %}

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