Moving this website to netlify

August 18, 2019

This site was always hosted on Github Pages and always was and always will be a static site. At very beginning i use a custom-hacky made up script in node js to build it. It made the job, but the workflow was a little hard, i couldnt deploy a new post unless i was at my computer, and if i could use another, i will have to download Nodejs, clone the scripts and run it. Still imposible from another thing that wasnt a pc. So i made the change to Jekyll. Time passed and i read this amazing blog post by SaraSoueidan and i wanted to try Hugo. I felt in love at first try. So i started using it. Although i love it, i still had the same problem i had with my custom script. Lucky me, i heard of Netlify and i was the perfect complement, i could push from anywhere and netlify will build my website. Buuut at first i didnt know you could make your own custom url ( yes, i know, silly me ), so i continued using Hugo locally and deploying manually. Until today, that i found out about custom urls. The only problem i had was the links i have already posted in Reddit will link to nothing, because i couldnt update them or redirect them. Or could i?. Here comes a silly but powerfull hack, in any github pages, if you make a file called 404.html, it will be showed whenever a 404 happens. This is the perfect place to redirect them, the only thing i have to do was to place a script tag that replaces the host with the new one. And also place a message informing that to whoever happens to not have js.

Yes, i know this post doesnt say anything new, but is the perfect excuse to make my new and first post using Netlify.

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