Syncing and encrypting Google Drive

October 8, 2019

For a long time i have been looking for a way to sync and backup my files to Google Cloud, but they have to be encrypted before. Yes i dont like google. My first attempt was to use something like Veracrypt, but it only generates a gigantic blob with all your files in it, nothing good to make diff sync. Then i found Cryptomator, it seems the perfect solution as it encrypt files individually, but i have already files around two different disks, and using it i will have to reorganize them. Also i still had to download the official Drive app. Finally i found the perfect solution, Rclone. Its a cli app, which let me run commands like copy or move to individual files or folders, and it will upload them to a lot of different cloud or local providers. One of its local providers, its one which will encrypt files. It also does it on memory, so you dont waste extra space on the hdd, and having some space constrains its wonderful. In the cloud providers, drive its available. This is the perfect tool, it works as a drive client, it encrypts on the fly, and its open source. What else could i ask for?. The setup is also straightforward, you download it, follow the drive setup, next you follow the crypt setup and its done. Now when you want to copy a file, you only need to run rclone -P localfile secret:drivepath. Beautiful and simple, as everything should be.

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