Batch download from Google Drive

July 17, 2020

The other day a friend shared with me a link to a Google Drive folder with a lot of files. I wanted to download all of them, but i didnt want to use the native “Download folder” function, as it was a lot of GBs and also needed to start using the files as soon as i have them. Also, having a crappy internet connection means that i could lost all of the files because a single cut.

First i tried using wget and curl but i couldnt make it work. Luckily after some searching i found gdown, a python library for this. It could be used as a cli program with gdown FILE_LINK. And also programatically from python.

This is how i used it. I made a little script to read urls from stdin and download them. Simple but useful.

import sys
import gdown

for line in sys.stdin:

Having all the urls in a file, to execute it you only need to do cat urlfiles.txt | python

To get the links of all the files in the folder, the following snippet worked for me. You need to run it in the DevTools console.

	.map( e => )
	.map( id => `${id}`)

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