Tracking media consumption

January 19, 2022

I have been using since 2016, thats almost 6 years of media consumption records. Every movie, serie, chapter i watched gets recorded there. I finally decided to use some selfhosted version of this.

At first i wanted to use Flox which is almost what i want. But there was two things that i didnt like. One was an ux preference of mine, and the other is something that i dont like in almost all things self hosted. You need another account to use it. That wouldnt be a problem if it was something that i would share with friends or family, but i was the only user to use this.

So i made another tracking movie software. Its made in NodeJS, with SQLite and you need a TMDB api key. Nothing super complicated or fancy.

One interesting thing i found before publishing it, is BFG repo cleaner, a tool to remove sensible keys from your git repository. I needed to remove my keys before opening it. This is the tutorial i followed.

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