Recreating a book cover programatically

February 26, 2022

Book cover

This is the cover of a book a friend bought. After seeing it i tought “that seems like a cool Coding challenge type of things”. After arriving home, i decided to recreate it but using SVG and vanilla js, nothing more.

After a while i had some basic image created. But this being the web and not some plain paper, i decided to animate it.

Sprinkle some WebShare API because thats what all the cool kids are about right? Sharing stuff on social networks. And a download button just in case your browser doesnt support it.

Add parameters settings by url, and a form as a frontend, and you have this experiment.

You can read its source code, but be aware, its not production ready because… hey its just an experiment.

Leave your comment on the github issue, sending me an email or DMing me on twitter