Script to generate favicons

May 14, 2022

After reading this awesome post i decided to join all the command line things together in a single script so i can generate them easily without needing to copy paste every command separately and post them here so i can refer it in the future.

You need to have Inkscape and NPM installed. And the favicon has to be in a svg file with an square viewbox for better results.

#!/bin/env sh 

mkdir -p favicons
inkscape $1 --export-width=512 --export-filename="./favicons/android-chrome-512.png"
inkscape $1 --export-width=192 --export-filename="./favicons/android-chrome-192.png"
inkscape $1 --export-width=180 --export-filename="./favicons/apple-touch-icon.png"
inkscape $1 --export-width=32 --export-filename="./favicons/32.png"
inkscape $1 --export-width=16 --export-filename="./favicons/16.png"
convert "./favicons/16.png" "./favicons/32.png" "./favicons/favicon.ico"
rm "./favicons/32.png"
rm "./favicons/16.png"
npx svgo --multipass $1 -o "./favicons/favicon.svg"

Save it as

Make it executable chmod +x

And then run it passing your svg file ./ my_icon.svg

Leave your comment on the github issue, sending me an email or DMing me on twitter