How to highlight a rectangle in Okular

August 11, 2022

Maybe you are faster highlighting with a rectangle selection instead of a text one. Maybe your pdf doesnt have text information or is an image. Or you want to highlight parts of an image inside your document. I dont care why, but this is how you do it.

I think this is a clear example of the motto of Plasma Simple by default, Powerful when needed.

Also…, why are you reading this in a post with big images and a clear title?.

Open your Okular settings by clicking on Settings -> Configure Okular… and go to the Annotations section

Annotations section

There click on Add and create a new one with the following settings:

  • Type: Geometrical Shape
  • Type: Rectangle
  • Color: Pure yellow
  • Opacity: 40% (this is what i like, not too bright, not too transparent)
  • Shape fill: Checked
  • Width: 0

New annotation settings

After closing and opening Okular again, you can use your new rectangle highlighter from the toolbar itself.

New annotation settings

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