Planet Express Shares

October 12, 2022

Yesterday i was seeing the episode “Future Stock” of Futurama (S03E21 or #53) and in the middle i thought “there is enough information scattered around the chapter to know how many stocks everyone has”.

So lets do that.

Scene where Amy,Leela, Bender,Hermes and Professor votes In this scene, we can see that between Amy, Leela, Bender, Hermes and the Professor, they have 50.000. I will assume that as they are 5 people, everyone has the same amount. We can also see that Fry has 10.000. So its not insane to think that everyone has 10.000

Scruffy voting 40.000 Here we can see that Scruffy has 40.000 and quoting Leela “40,000? How come you have four-times as much stock as the rest of us?” we confirm that everyone has 10.000

Hattie voting 1 In this one, Hattie (yes, i had to google her name) uses her only share to uneven a draw between Professor Farnsworth and That Guy

That Guy voting with the 51% And here we finally learn that Zoidberg had the 51% of the shares, which he sold to That Guy for a sandwich.

That Guy death After That Guy’s death, all his shares belongs to Fry being the vicepresident.

So…. With everything in place, here is how much everyone has.

  • Amy: 10.000
  • Leela: 10.000
  • Bender: 10.000
  • Hermes: 10.000
  • Professor: 10.000
  • Scruffy: 40.000
  • Hattie: 1
  • Zoidberg: 0
  • Fry: 104.083 (Zoidberg -> That Guy -> Fry) + 10.000 = 114.083

We can confirm this is correct looking in The Infosphere, because yes, someone has already done this piece of trivia before.

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