Twitter timeline

March 11, 2023

Today i was victim of the twitter timeline. Its the first time because i tried to heavily curate my feed. I only follow people that i like what they post and that bring me joy. I have various list that are sorted by time, instead of the main timeline. But from time to time, i read the main just to doomscroll through it.

Tweet of someone that i dont follow

Today i saw this tweet and i thought “i dont remember following him.” It must be that someone i follow commented it.

Comments of the tweet

Nop, not the case.

Followers of the account

I dont follow him, but some accounts that i do, does. But im not mad against twitter recommending it, im mad that its not clear why im seeing this tweet and that it has no clear indication that this is a tweet from someone that i dont follow. It was presented to me like any other tweet from the people i DO follow.

I think its time to step up my RSS game, start clearing my list to improve the content/noise ratio and migrate to some kind of selfhosted reader to allow me reading from everywhere.

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